Month: June 2016

#TT: Grease Is The Word!

Last week I was greeted by a grown man (in his 40’s I’d say) and he had NEVER seen possibly the best musical film EVER!

Yes, Grease was a figment of his imagination. He had an idea of the storyline and had heard the songs but never seen the actually film…. WHAT? was my first reaction. Ok, I admit I am a bit obsessed with this film from a dancer and choreographer’s point of view but how could someone who grew up around the time of this film not have seen it?

Let’s go back to this day in 1978 when Grease had just been released in cinema’s worldwide and what producers thought would be a cult film became the biggest musical phenomenon in years. Today started a 9 week run at No.1 in the UK charts for the biggest hit from the movie ‘You’re The One That I Want’.

The music soundtrack is the biggest selling film soundtrack of all time and still enters the charts regularly around he world. The film made icons out of Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta along with some of the lesser known stars including Stockard Channing and stayed at the box office top spot for weeks on end.

If you are one of the VERY few who have not seen this film, check it out TODAY!!! You will not be disappointed, from the music to the story and from the Rydell High surroundings to the car garage where they create the slickest car in film history which actually flies at the end of the film (ok, I ain’t a clue who sanctioned that decision either but let’s overlook that last scene), this is an iconic film that will have you dancing around your sitting room.

38 years later and still a massive song at every party when all the women think they are Sandy and the guys strut it out being Danny, this will live on, and on, and on….. Grease is definitely the word!

Article by @Kenneth_Giles

Bastille Are Back With Us

The band who brought us hit single Pompeii a while back, ‘Good Grief’ has just dropped.

The single is their first in over a year and is the first single from their new album ‘Wild World’. Bastille are fresh from playing last weekends Glastonbury Festival were they went down a storm and were one of the highlights of the 3 day music-athon (not a word but you get what I mean).

The video for Good Grief is super cool and features a chopped off head of the lead singer, a Paloma Faith look alike, lots of cash flying about and even a dancing teddy bear. They threw the whole shabang at this video including the kitchen sink.

This is definitely one to watch.

#SummerTune – Sing Me To Sleep

Fresh on this Sunday I bring you the new video from Alan Walker. The ‘Faded’ DJ/producer is releasing ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ later this month and it features the same vocalist as his previous hit single.

‘Faded’ became a worldwide hit earlier this year and is still on every nightclub playlist in the world (I think). Can this new song match that?

I think so, ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ is very similar to his No.1 hit but is no less chart worthy. I am predicting another chart smash for Walker this summer.

Many people sing the lyrics but they are not asking the important question, who is the singer? Iselin Solheim is a 26 year old Norwegian singer/songwriter and features on a number of the DJ’s records. She has released music as a solo artist with not a lot of impact this side of Europe but she is hitting the jackpot with Alan Walker (or so it seems). Her Wikipedia page states that she is ONLY named as the feature artist in the description box on Walker’s video’s, is there some bitterness there?

I personally think she should be noted as the vocalist similar to when David Guetta or Calvin Harris do collaborations with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Zara Larsson etc. Iselin is no different in my opinion.

Anyway, let’s just enjoy the track, here is ‘Sing Me To Sleep’:

Monday Medley – 5 Songs You Need To Hear

I am back with the 5 songs you need to hear this Monday. With Glastonbury this weekend, I am going to try keep away from Glasto acts as I will feature them later this week.

First this week, the brand new video for ‘Sorry’ from Queen Bae herself, Beyoncé. The song is a bit of a dig at a man, her husband maybe? The video also features some explicits and a mysterious other woman. The Beyoncé Lemon mystery rages on!

Next up is the new track from Twenty One Pilots. ‘Heathens’ is the lead track from the official Suicide Squad film soundtrack. This song definitely trumps the new theme song I brought you on Friday for the Ghostbusters film by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott.

A song I brought you last week now has a video. Usher has returned with this cracking song and even better video for ‘Crash’. Giant size hands, girls and dance moves… Just your average Usher video.

Now for the hip hop track of the week from world class producer Major Lazor. Featuring rap stars 2Chainz and Pusha T as well as Travis Scott.

Last this week, the exotic beach music video is back. Girl group of the moment and my featured album artists of last week Fifth Harmony bring their new single ‘Flex’ to us. A great song featuring Fetty Wap with a lot of frolicking on the beach with topless men and kicking of sand in various camera angles, this is a proper summer video.

Glastonbury Round-Up

The biggest music festival in the world came to a close last night with an epic headline set from Coldplay, let’s take a quick round up of the best performances of the 3 day extravaganza.

On Friday the headliners were Muse and although I am not a fan of their music, I can appreciate that they gave it a great go and thoroughly entertained with their back catalogue. Other big hitters on the first day of the festival were Bastille (who release their new single and album this coming week) and red haired pop star Jess Glynn.

Saturday was the day everyone was waiting for as Adele made her Glasto debut (although she did play in a tent at the festival when she was 16). The multi award winner and biggest selling female artist had a headline set that I’m sure we will all be talking about forever just like we did when Beyoncé headlined a few years ago. Although the ballad riddled singer wasn’t everyone’s idea of a suitable headline act, she pulled out all the stops and delivered something different but incredible all the same. From her banter with the crowd, taking selfies with Brazilians and obviously belting out every song you love of hers, it was a special moment in the festivals history.

80’s band Madness and recent No.1 album singer/songwriter Tom Odell made up some of the other great performances on Saturday while Sunday was made special in the Legends slot by ELO’s Jeff Lynne.

My surprise favourites of the entire festival (after Adele and Coldplay obvs) was last nights closing performance on the other stage by disco legends Earth, Wind and Fire. I didn’t realise just how many hits they had, their set was amazing and was worthy of the main stage.

But the festival belonged to one band and that was last nights and the festivals most returning headline act, Coldplay. The band have been top of the bill four times now and each time they get better. Performing for over 90 minutes, fans were not disappointed as they crammed in every hit as well as some songs from their latest album, it was a full Coldplay concert at Glastonbury. Fireworks, confetti, costume changes (OK, it was only a t-shirt) and the inclusion of a tribute to Viola Beach who sadly lost their lives in a freak accident earlier this year made the night a special one. The set also included tributes to Muhammad Ali and Bee Gee’s frontman Barry Gibb joined the band on stage for some disco which got the crowd ‘stayin alive’.

The moment of the entire festival came at the very end of last nights headline set when frontman Chris Martin invited festival founder Michael Eavis on stage to conclude proceedings. Singing a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’, Eavis got to headline his own festival. It was a moment that will go down in history and a proud moment for the music mogul who created the festival over 45 years ago.

All in all, this was one of the best Glastonburys I have ever witnessed. What will next year bring? Who will headline? I’m sure it won’t be too long until the rumour mill starts turning.


By @Kenneth_Giles

REVIEW : Adele at Glastonbury

She has more records than you can shake a stick at including the biggest selling UK album of all time for her latest record ’25’ as well as signing the most lucrative recording contract ever and last night Adele completed one of the biggest gigs in her career, Glastonbury.

In what was called a “silly move” by a lot of people last year when the news was announced she would headline Saturday night at the biggest music festival in the world, turned out to be one of the greatest headline acts ever in my opinion.

Twitter went into meltdown last night when she took to the stage and she is still trending today after an incredible set which included all her biggest hits as well as songs from her previous albums. Opening with the now iconic ‘Hello’, Adele seemed to get a bit teary when the crowd sang the lyrics back to her but she carried on like a pro to belt out the song.

Once she eased into the set after letting the crowd know that she was “shitting it”, it was knock out performance, one right after the other. But she did hit a stumbling block on a track from her new album. After finishing her latest single ‘Send My Love’, she launched straight into ‘River Lea’ and as she hit the first verse asked to start again as she was out of breath from all that dancing. She restarted and smashed it!

Another odd moment during the show came when her production manager came on stage and made an announcement that the crowd of almost 100,000 people needed to make a walk way for the security and paramedics to get into the middle of the crowd as someone at the gig was in a bad way. Adele stopped the whole gig and guided the security into the crowd, not many worldwide stars would do that, she is a down to earth, normal girl.

So with the drama out of the way she could deliver every Classic in her repertoire including Bob Dylan’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’, ‘Hometown Glory’ and ‘Set Fire To The Rain’.

People said she couldn’t deliver a “show” but she proved she can entertain and capture an audience with her voice and music. Making her way to a stage in the middle of the crowd, she belted out ‘Rolling In The Deep’ with the thousands of fans accompanying her on vocals and the added effect of a million pieces of white confetti.

Over 90 minutes on stage and she did not let up once (well apart from her messing up one song but we can forgive that). Her banter and chit-chat with the fans made it even more compelling to watch and she even brought a young 10 year old girl on stage for a selfie and then a 26 year old Brazilian girl who was so shocked she forgot her name and what she was doing there, Adele tried her best but in the end she got a selfie and Adele booted her off stage!

The song everyone was waiting for was the perfect ending to a special night for the superstar and the fans. ‘Someone Like You’, the biggest selling song of this century. Adele was overcome with emotion as she announced that it was for everyone in the crowd and how she loved being a part of the Glastonbury experience, “one I’ll never forget” before leaving the stage as the entire campsite sang the chorus on repeat.

Adele may not have been the conventional or typical headliner for Glastonbury but from watching the festival for a number of years now, she stands up there with the big ones like Beyoncé and Coldplay. Let’s get Adele to Croke Park I say!

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EURO 2016: ‘The Irish Roar’ #IRE

This evening, the football tournament we have all been waiting for starts. The UEFA Euro’s 2016 kicks off in Paris today and to celebrate I bring you the official anthem for my country, IRELAND.

A band, whom I have had the pleasure of working with this year, were asked to create the song this year and they have done a fantastic job. Pulling together the iconic moments of Irish football history and a super catchy pop song, Seo Linn have created the perfect Irish anthem.

The six-piece band met in the Gaeltacht (for non Irish readers, it’s a place you go to learn and speak Irish) and became YouTube stars overnight with their covers of popular hits including Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ and Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’. They also produced the song ‘Music Makers’ for the Ireland 1916 Centenary celebrations last April.

‘The Irish Roar’ culminates with the voiceover of legendary Irish broadcaster Bill O’Herlihy who sadly passed away last year. The song represents the Irish supporters brilliantly and puts you in a great mood in the run up to our first match this Monday against Sweden.

There is no official video for the single just yet but here is the song and I hope to have a special interview with the Seo Linn lads very soon for you.

Download ‘The Irish Roar’ now from most digital outlets.


Article by @Kenneth_Giles

Saturday Playlist: 10 Songs You NEED To Have

It’s your Saturday Playlist once again and this week I have a bit of everything for you.

This week has been a real mixed bag on the blog but that just makes for an even more interesting playlist for your Saturday whether you’re getting ready for a night out or sitting in doing a workout these 10 songs are ALL you need.

Featured in this week’s playlist I have my Throwback Thursday track from the Crazy Frog, relive the 2005 vibes and think of yourself with your mates and your flip phone. All the way from that end of the spectrum to current chart hits from Alan Walker with ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ and my album review artists Fifth Harmony.

Also on the tracklist are my 5 Monday Medley songs from Anne-Marie, Calvin Harris and Rihanna, Alicia Keys, DNCE and Meghan Trainor.

Finishing off the 10 tracks this week are the official UEFA Euro anthem ‘This One’s For You’ from David Guetta and Zara Larsson and my Dad’s guilty pleasure ‘Pokerface’ by Lady Gaga, in honour of last week’s Father’s Day of course.

Enjoy the playlist guys and girls.

Playlist by @Kenneth_Giles

Ghostbusters Remake Is HERE!

Just a few weeks ago I told you that the Ghostbusters theme song was being revamped and both artists involved said it would be special and cool.

Rewind to today and we get the revamped version of the classic theme tune and it is ……… TERRIBLE! Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott have teamed up on the track and have ruined it in my opinion.

Usually when you hear a song will be remade for a big budget blockbuster with an all star cast, you presume it will be great, maybe not as good as the original but it will be an updated version still with a great sound. This on the other hand has been thrown into a mixer and someone forgot to press stop. The classic tune is barely recognisable following the remake.

Most of the lyrics have been removed apart from the tag line ‘Who you gonna call… Ghostbusters”, but apart from that it seems every other lyric has been replaced by “I’m not afraid”. Missy Elliott adds a bit of cool to the song but it still doesn’t make up for messing up a great song.

If this is a guideline to how the new film will be when released later this month, we could be in for a flop at the box office.

Here is the new version of Ghostbusters:

#TT: Crazy Frog Strikes AGAIN!

Cast your mind back 11 years …….. can you remember what you were doing?

Your struggling to remember anything about 2005 but there was one thing for sure, you were pestered by pond life. Yes, on this day 11 years ago The Crazy Frog was sitting at No.1 in the UK singles chart. Spending a whole month at the top spot this was not the first we had heard of the little creature.

What started out as a polyphonic ringtone (remember them?) became the most annoying sound EVER after a while. It is the most profitable ringtone in the history of mobile phones, although no one buys ringtones anymore but it’s still a great achievement for a cartoon frog. Once every child and teen had the sound downloaded to their phone (me included on my flip Motorola, they were the iPhone of the time) the creators saw money signs with a single release.

The single became one of the biggest selling of the year and topped charts around the world, however when the creators got greedy releasing further singles including a cover of Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’, no one wanted to know and the Crazy Frog flopped.

But let’s all be grateful, we had a fun childhood and great ringtone because of this guy. Here is the most annoying guilty pleasure EVER:


By @Kenneth_Giles