REVEALED: X Factor Stars For 2016

With the brand new series of ITV’s The X Factor just around the corner, the brand new (well, old and tested) judging panel has been revealed.

In a tweet by the official X Factor Twitter page, it shows the 4 make up chairs ready for the panel with their names on the back and it will be no real surprise to anyone that it’s the series of returns with the legend that is Sharon Osborne, head of the show Simon Cowell, sexy siren Nicole Sherzinger and good old faithful Irish mogul Louis Walsh all making their return to the seats.

Now that we know the judges and we know Dermot O’Leary is returning as host, all that is left to see is the talent or sometimes, lack of.

In another change to the format they have scrapped the Arena Auditions and replaced them with the smaller Room Auditions and when the hopefuls of 2016 reach Bootcamp they will be in for another shock as the 6 Chair Challenge returns and this time producers are promising even more drama.

So is this the line up of your dreams?


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