ThrowbackThursday: Geri QUITS Spice Girls

So every Thursday we will take you back with our throwback to years gone by and artists who were at the top of their game in their heyday.

This exact week 18 years ago, we were all wrapped up in Spice with one dominating girl group everywhere we turned, from pencil cases to dolls and from stickers to photo albums, they had it.

But all wasn’t as it seemed, as Spice Girls fans woke on May 31st 1998 they were left heartbroken as news broke that Geri Halliwell (the Ginger one) had left the band. After just a few years in the band Geri had had enough and bowed out straight after a massive world tour, movie deal and their own branded cereal (WHAT?)

So let’s bring you back to the start, their very first single ‘Wannabe’

This year marks the 20th anniversary of ‘Wannabe’ and although Victoria Beckham is adamant she doesn’t want to be a Spice Girl again, could she really resist throwing on the little black dress just one more time? It gives her an excuse not to smile so why not. I expect we will see a full reunion world tour later this year.

So after the success of their first album, cleverly entitled ‘Spice’, they went on to release their second album, also cleverly named ‘SpiceWorld’ and this was the start of global domination with their own cinema release of the same name. The movie followed them around London on a Union Jack draped bus in their fight to do good and put on a show no matter what. It quickly became a huge success and everyone in the world knew who they were.

‘Spice Up Your Life’ was the lead single from their second album.

It was shortly after this that Geri left the band, causing outcry from girls (and guys). But Geri didn’t wait long before becoming a solo star in her own right, releasing ‘Look At Me’ just months after her departure. The other 4 Spices kept going and released another album which featured a lot of songs seemingly referring to the gap Geri had left, ‘Goodbye’, ‘Viva Forver’ and ‘Holler’, nope wait, definitely not to do with a Ginger girl leaving a band.

Posh, Baby, Scary and Sporty eventually called it a day and all went on to have solo careers in music with varying success. In 2007, they reunited for a world tour and released a charity single that flopped. Don’t charity singles always do well? Yikes! Then their highly acclaimed musical Viva Forever also flopped. Double ouch!

Spice Fever seemed to have left but by 2012 and the London Olympic Games, it was well and truly back with an incredible performance by the reunited five-some. Standing on cars, donned in their trademark designs and miming….. really well I must say though.

So, where does that leave Spice fans? Just a few weeks ago this picture was posted to some of the girls social sites suggesting that they are recording new music and something could be happening later this year. We will have to wait and see.


Surely, they have to mark 20 years of pop perfection and get on stage again? Would a reunion work without Victoria? And are Scary and Sporty friends again? Watch this space!

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