Ghostly Collaboration!

With the new all-female Ghostbusters remake just around the corner it has been revealed who will take on the iconic theme song and update it to the present day.

Here is what the perfectly fine theme song sounds like from the 1985 motion picture:

And now they have gone and got very PC with the remake by hiring male and female vocals for the new track. Who you ask? These:

Yes, Missy Elliott and Fall Out Boy will remake the theme song for this year’s highly anticipated film. The movie which features Melissa McCarthy has received a lot of negative feedback with people asking ‘why did it have to be women?’ and ”why not leave it as it was?”. Good questions, the original was a perfectly good song and film.

Pete Went of Fall Out Boy has said he is overjoyed to be asked to perform the song and mentioned on his Twitter that he has “Crossed one off the kid dream bucket list by covering Ray Parker theme with missy Elliot verse.”

The official soundtrack is slated for release on July 15 with other artists including Elle King on the tracklist.

Article by @Kenneth_Giles

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