Robin Thicke & Nicki Minaj ‘Back Together’

Two popstars who have brought us some of the biggest summer hits ever have to be Robin Thicke and Nicki Minaj. So I wasn’t surprised to hear that they have teamed up to bring us a brand new summer tune.

‘Back Together’ is set for release on this side of the pond later this summer. However, the song and official video has been online for more than 9 months. Why haven’t we seen this before?

The song received minor success in America when first released but a full commercial release is due very soon. Robin Thicke had one of the biggest songs of the decade with ‘Blurred Lines’ featuring Pharrell and likewise, Nicki had a huge summer anthem with ‘Starships’ which still gets played in every club around the world. Could this be as big for them both?

This is certainly a collaboration made in heaven for pop fans. Check out the official video here:


New Music Article by @Kenneth_Giles

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