Throwback Thursday: ‘Hold On’ For One More Day!

One of the greatest pop songs of all time went to No.1 in the US charts on this day in 1990 (the year I was born, ouch).

Wilson Phillips are a three piece all-female pop group who, believe it or not, are still performing together. Their song ‘Hold On’ got a new lease of life in 2011 when it was used for the final scene in hit film ‘Bridesmaids’. The band themselves were asked to perform the song at the ‘wedding reception’ scene and they snapped up the gig.

The song became Billboard’s Song Of The Year in 1990 and narrowly missed out on a Grammy in 1991. Although the song only reached No.7 in the Irish and No.6 in the UK charts, it is still an instantly recognisable song.

Fun fact for you, the two sisters in the band had a pretty famous Dad in the form of Beach Boys member Brian Wilson. ┬áIt was also 25 years to the day that their father and his band reached number one in the US charts with ‘Help Me Rhonda’.

It was also featured in 2007 film ‘Whip It’ and season 5 of US TV show ‘Glee’. The trio are still gigging around America primarily with their one-hit wonder status.

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