Ireland VS Sweden – Let The Battle Commence

So Euro 2016 officially kicks off for the Irish today as we take on Sweden at 5pm. Football isn’t really my thing so let’s see which country comes out on top in the music stakes.

It is without doubt that both countries have a huge music industry and many hugely successful artists but which country has the biggest selling act?

Let’s look at the contenders:

SWEDEN – The Top 5 selling artists in Swedish music history are

  1. ABBA – 300+ million sales
  2. Roxette – 70+ million sales
  3. Ace Of Base – 50+ million sales
  4. Europe – 20+ million sales
  5. The Cardigans – 15+ million sales

And THIS is their biggest selling single of all time:

IRELAND – The Top 5 biggest selling music artists from my country are:

  1. U2 – 170+ million sales
  2. Enya – 80+ million sales
  3. Niall Horan (One Direction) – 70+ million sales
  4. Van Morrison – 55+ million sales
  5. The Cranberries – 50+ million sales

And the biggest selling Irish single of all time is:

Both of the biggest selling singles come from Eurovision, the two countries are also the most successful countries in┬áthe contest, we have ALOT in common but let’s face it, IRELAND are best and fingers crossed we can say the same after tonight’s game.

Let the battle commence!



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