Father’s Day: My Dad’s Favourites

Something a little different on this Sunday for you all and seen as it is Father’s Day in Ireland, I thought it would be the perfect day to put up a post my Dad would actually like to read and listen to the music included.

So, I have put together my Dad’s 5 favourite acts (I think they are anyway) and their most memorable songs. A lot of these go back a fair bit so if you haven’t a clue who they are, you are more than likely not alone, especially if your under 18.

We start off with one of the biggest bands in the world EVER! Queen are still one of the most played bands around the globe and although they lost their frontman Freddie Mercury some years ago, they are still playing festivals and gigs. Most recently they have enlisted American Idol finalist Adam Lambert to (try) recreate Freddie’s vocals and performances. Here is their biggest hit, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Next up is the lover of tartan trousers and the biggest fan of Celtic United on the planet, Rod Stewart. At the ripe ol’ age of 71 he is still selling out tours year after year and producing albums. Although his music is not topping the charts nowadays, his yesteryear hits are still party favourites. Baby Jane is one of his best songs ever!

Pink Floyd are arguably my Dad’s all round favourite. Whenever me or my brother bring up music at the dinner table, it always comes back to The Wall (this is a Pink Floyd album) and the greatest show he has ever seen, Rogers Waters at the Aviva Stadium a few years ago. My brother who went with him said that our Dad just stood there smiling for the whole two hours like a small child in a sweet shop. This is one of the most memorable of their songs:

Another big band the aul lad loves is AC/DC. We cannot mention this band without getting the chant ‘Angus, Angus’ going, he is the lead guitarist and only constant member of the band. They have had endless amount of hits and this is the one that everyone knows:

And finally, his guilty pleasure without a doubt is the Queen of Crazy, Lady Gaga. When Pokerface first made its appearance some years ago he loved the ‘Ma,Ma,Ma,Ma’ and he will still give it a lash if he hears Gaga’s name mentioned. He may get a little embarrassed by me telling you all this but he is a proud Little Monster! 😉

Happy Fathers Day Dad, have a great day and enjoy the music!

Your Favourite Son 😉

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