Ghostbusters Remake Is HERE!

Just a few weeks ago I told you that the Ghostbusters theme song was being revamped and both artists involved said it would be special and cool.

Rewind to today and we get the revamped version of the classic theme tune and it is ……… TERRIBLE! Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott have teamed up on the track and have ruined it in my opinion.

Usually when you hear a song will be remade for a big budget blockbuster with an all star cast, you presume it will be great, maybe not as good as the original but it will be an updated version still with a great sound. This on the other hand has been thrown into a mixer and someone forgot to press stop. The classic tune is barely recognisable following the remake.

Most of the lyrics have been removed apart from the tag line ‘Who you gonna call… Ghostbusters”, but apart from that it seems every other lyric has been replaced by “I’m not afraid”. Missy Elliott adds a bit of cool to the song but it still doesn’t make up for messing up a great song.

If this is a guideline to how the new film will be when released later this month, we could be in for a flop at the box office.

Here is the new version of Ghostbusters:

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