#TT: Grease Is The Word!

Last week I was greeted by a grown man (in his 40’s I’d say) and he had NEVER seen possibly the best musical film EVER!

Yes, Grease was a figment of his imagination. He had an idea of the storyline and had heard the songs but never seen the actually film…. WHAT? was my first reaction. Ok, I admit I am a bit obsessed with this film from a dancer and choreographer’s point of view but how could someone who grew up around the time of this film not have seen it?

Let’s go back to this day in 1978 when Grease had just been released in cinema’s worldwide and what producers thought would be a cult film became the biggest musical phenomenon in years. Today started a 9 week run at No.1 in the UK charts for the biggest hit from the movie ‘You’re The One That I Want’.

The music soundtrack is the biggest selling film soundtrack of all time and still enters the charts regularly around he world. The film made icons out of Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta along with some of the lesser known stars including Stockard Channing and stayed at the box office top spot for weeks on end.

If you are one of the VERY few who have not seen this film, check it out TODAY!!! You will not be disappointed, from the music to the story and from the Rydell High surroundings to the car garage where they create the slickest car in film history which actually flies at the end of the film (ok, I ain’t a clue who sanctioned that decision either but let’s overlook that last scene), this is an iconic film that will have you dancing around your sitting room.

38 years later and still a massive song at every party when all the women think they are Sandy and the guys strut it out being Danny, this will live on, and on, and on….. Grease is definitely the word!

Article by @Kenneth_Giles

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