Monday Medley : 5 New Vids For You

It’s Monday and that means one thing in the Pop On Down land…… New music to start the new week. Here are 5 new videos coming your way this week.

First up is the brand new single for the Star Trek movie. Although she is channelling her Rita Repulsa from the Power Rangers, Rihanna’s newest video is great and the singer looks better than ever. Here is the new video for ‘Sledgehammer’

Now this one may be a few weeks old but with all the football antics in Europe I have slightly forgotten America. This is the official song for the US equivalent of the Euro’s, Copa America. Pitbull and Becky G team up on ‘Superstar’

Next up is one of the best dance acts around, Years And Years. They seem to have hit after hit and with no sign of slowing down they bring new single ‘Worship’ to the table. The video is a little strange but it is a quality song.

How many hot Mamma’s can you fit in one video? Ask Fergie. She is back with brand new single ‘M.I.L.F.$’ and as the title suggests it features a lot of Mammies, most of them quite hot and famous including Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teighan.

Last this week but by no means least, it is Nick Jonas with his newest chart smash ‘Under You’. This is right up there with his best material to date and like I said a few weeks ago, his new album is amazing, check it out.

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