Are you ready for ‘Dancing On The Sun’?

I absolutely love a collaboration especially when it is two quality new acts coming together from different parts of the world to create something I actually want to listen to more than once.

Picture this, a Swedish producer with a Portuguese vocalist creating a summer anthem which can be played in every club around the world. I am not talking about a David Guetta or Avicii collab for once, this is EsQuille feat Bruno Alexander with ‘Dancing On The Sun’.

The song itself brings a summer feel with instantly catchy lyrics and a production even the biggest names in music find hard to get right. This  is a definite club smash around the Spanish islands and holiday resorts this summer. I have already added it to my summer playlist and I am pretty sure you will to after your first listen.

Unlike many new artists nowadays, these guys were not afraid to be daring and to try and create something quite modern, on trend and close to what we hear in the charts every week. EsQuille and Bruno hit the nail on the head and got the production value, sound and flair of the song just right.

Enough of me banging on about it now, have a listen and enjoy ‘Dancing On The Sun’.

Feature by @Kenneth_Giles


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