Catchy New Advert Song Revealed!

Have you seen the new Vimto advert and wondered what the brilliant new theme song accompanying it is? Well I’ve got the lowdown on it.

Box Bottom’s new single ‘Do You Really Wanna Do This’ is the official ‘Vimto Remix’ sync. The track will be heard nationwide from Spotify playlists to cinema adverts to promote Vimto’s new product. The track has already reached 1-2 million fans in a sponsored Snapchat lens on 25th June and the Vimto/Box Bottom partnership was featured in Music Week on 27th June.

Box Bottom producer Aniff Akinola was signed by Universal Publishing who went on to sign Coldplay & Adele. Aniff Akinola has had chart hits & club classics spanning several decades. These include A Guy Called Gerald ‘Voodoo Ray’, Urban Cookie Collective ‘The Key, The Secret’, right up to today with Icarus ‘Ride This Train’ which was supported across BBC R1.

Here is her new track and keep an ear out for it on the next Vimto ad you see.

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