World Wednesday : Japan – BabyMetal

Ok, if you like weird combinations this will not disappoint.

BabyMetal are a 3 piece girl group from Japan who combine heavy metal with pop style vocals. Sounds terrible doesn’t it? But trust me it actually works. The Japanese teenage threesome performed in Dublin in April of this year and are fast becoming recognised around the world for their stage show which includes dance routines, costume changes and a heavy metal rock band on stage.

The band have won a string of Kerrang Awards as well as being nominated in 2014 for the MTV¬†Europe¬†Music Awards for Best Japanese Act (Europe….. Japan…… go figure).

Wacky is wonderful as they say and until you see and hear it you won’t believe me so here is their latest release ‘Karate’.

Could K-Pop heavy metal style become the new normal for UK and Ireland audiences?

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