#TBT : Spice Girls Crisps and 5ive Plan To Legalise Drugs

Two for the price of one today as I throwback to 1997 with the Spice Girls and 2000 with boyband 5ive.

1997: 19 years ago today Walkers created Spice Girls crisps. After the girl group’s assault on breakfast cereal, stickers, sweets and photographs, Walkers decided people would love to eat Spice Girls inspired potato chips. With each flavour branded with a different Spice Girl, the packets went on to sell 16 million units by the end of the year.

Here is the cringe-worthy advert from back in the day:

2000: Boyband 5ive were at the height of their fame and jumped on the bandwagon of wanting the UK to legalise cannabis. Both Jay and Richie from the band told Sky Magazine that the drug should no longer be outlawed and made the statement that ‘No one who smokes a spliff goes out and starts fights like someone who’s been drinking.’ Unfortunately for the band, cannabis has been kept at bay in the UK and although they tried to return during ‘The Big Reunion’, the public wanted to keep them at bay also and they have been stuck doing small nightclub appearances ever since. Sorry lads, it’s a slam dunk!

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