American Idol Is Back!

Ok, so the title of this article may have got you a little excited thinking the original TV talent show is back but unfortunately it’s not.

But the good news is that recent and final champion Trent Harmon has just released his first single from his debut album. The song called ‘There’s A Girl’ sticks well and truly to his country roots and the video does also. Barn yards, hay stacks and cowboy hats can all be found in this typical country style music vid.

The song is catchy and likely to do well across America (they LOVE country music) like other former American Idol winners music Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler.

The TV show produced some of the best talent found of these kinds of shows worldwide with Kelly Clarkson being the prime example as well as Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert who now plays frontman for Queen and Amber Riley who took up the role of Mercedes in hit TV show Glee for 6 series.

American Idol may not be back just yet but the incredible talent it produced still lives on. Here is Trent’s new single and video for ‘There’s A Girl’:


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