Katy Perry Rises For The Olympics

In just two weeks time the worlds eyes will be on Rio as they host the 2016 Olympic Games and what’s a major sporting event without an uplifting anthem.

The Olympics are known for some huge musical moments including 2012’s Spuce Girls reunion but this time around the honour has been bestowed upon pop star Katy Perry to pull off the official theme song.

‘Rise’ is the new single from the singer and no doubt she will pop up to perform at the Openng Ceremony on August 5th in the Brazilian capital. The song is a powerful anthem that gives hope to every nation as they enter the biggest sporting event in the world and the video captures some historical moments from the Games over the past number of years.

Are we ready for another 3 weeks of sport after the Euro’s earlier this month? Let’s hope for some Irish glory this year again and personally I’m just excited for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, can they top the London 2012 ones?


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