Shakira Is Back?

Do you remember Hips Don’t Lie, Whenever Whereever and Objection Tango? Yes, Shakira gave us some of the biggest anthems during the noughties and she has gone quiet of late but I got some news for you.

The Latin diva is still releasing music, just not for our ears in Europe. She is still regularly featured on new music in Latin America and just last month dropped a new single with a big star called Carlos Vives (yeah, I never heard of him either) but the song is actually catchy.

Although you can’t make out what they are actually singing about, I can notice good music when I hear it and this doesn’t disappoint. The fact that Shakira is releasing music without us knowing saddens me, Europe embraced her small and humble breasts that she got from her mother (calm down, they are lyrics from her hit single) and them shaking hips.

There are rumours that she will be releasing a new English language album next year, we shall look forward to it. But for the moment here is her hit single, Hips Don’t Lie:

Feature by @Kenneth_Giles


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