#TBT 15 Years Later – No.1 – Atomic Kitten

Who remembers what they were listening to 15 years ago?

Well, if like me you were into Top Of The Pops and CD:UK every Saturday morning you will be more than familiar with what was No.1 on this day 15 years ago.

Kerry Katona had just left the band to marry Westlife gone solo star Brian McFadden and Atomic Kitten were being branded as the hottest girl group in the world, even though they only has one hit in the States. Jenny Frost arrived in the band and gave them 2 No1 singles one right after the other, sorry Kerry but you done them a favour.

Eternal Flame was the cover which stayed at No.1 for a number of weeks and the song which was originally sung by The Bangles is still stuck in my head.

Atomic Kitten have now reformed, well sort of. The original line up (with Kerry) got back together for The Big Reunion on ITV2 and then split up for a while, now they pop up on small festivals and the odd TV appearance when they are strapped for cash.

Will they ever be ‘Whole Again’? No is the answer, Jenny Frost has declined a reunion and it looks like the Kittens have had their nine lives at this stage. For now, enjoy their No.1 single:

Feature by @Kenneth_Giles


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