NEW VIDEO: Britney Gives A Private Show

Britney fans, you’re in luck! She has just released her new video.

We may all have lost some hope in Britney ever having a proper comeback after her 2007 hair shaving incident and going of the rails drama’s but she seems to be clawing her way back to her title as Pop Princess (although she is getting on a little now so can we really say Princess?).

After revamping herself with a Las Vegas show earlier this year, she is releasing ‘Make Me’ with rapper G-Eazy. We have been waiting on a video for the past few weeks but now we have one, let’s take a closer look.

What did you think? The video see’s numerous topless guys flaunting around for Britney and her mates and then see’s Britney doing the same for us. You cannot deny that she has definitely kept in shape but has she still got it? Is she too old for this kind of video? NO, Madonna is doing it in her 80’s so why not Britney in her 30’s.

The original edit of the video has been leaked and shows a very steamy side to her with her being licked, grabbed and in various sexually charged scenes. It was scrapped by her record company for reasons currently unknown. Just have a little look at it below and we may know why:

I hope you enjoyed both versions and Britney, keep doing you, no matter how racy and cringey it gets.

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