X Factor Star Returns With ‘Turn Me On’

Cast your mind back a few years when the X Factor produced great pop acts and it was all about fun. Did you do that?

If you did, then one of the first people to pop back into your mind should have been this guy, Sean Smith. You will remember him from brother/sister duo Same Difference who brought High School Musical style performances to the show each week and entertained millions. They even went on to release the super catchy ‘We R One’ which I will admit, I choreographed a stage performance to for a group of young students in Dublin.

However, this article is not about the duo as the focus has shifted and is now firmly on the solo career of Sean Smith (but I will just mention that Sarah, his sister is doing great as well, incase you were wondering).

‘Turn Me On’ is the brand new single from the X Factor star which will drop on September 23rd from Energise Records. The same record company represent and have released music from club legend Rozalla, female powerhouse’s The Three Degree’s and X Factor leaf legend Sinitta, so Sean is in good hands.

The track is full of club beats and even catchier lyrics with a very steamy video to follow I hear. But for now I have a small clip of the remix of the single and if this is anything to go by, it is going to be a sure fire chart smash.

Get the single from September 23rd or pre-order at www.energiserecords.com now.

Feature by @Kenneth_Giles

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