Camouflage Can Be Your Friend This Winter

So as the snow starts falling in Dublin and we enter the winter months, there is one trend reoccurring time and time again and this time it is a must have look for Autumn/Winter 2016.

Camouflage is back with a bang and has been steadily creeping back into our wardrobes for the past few months. Now, we don’t have to have a dumbed down wardrobe pallet for the winter months as the khaki and greens are a top style for the festive season.


I have been lucky enough to check out some of the big brands using camouflage this year and leading the charge with their uber-cool clothing is Adidas. From sweatshirts to jogging pants and from socks to footwear they have pulled out all the stops to create a great stylebook for the natural colour scheme.


Theme the camouflage with a cool pair of Adidas Originals (I am wearing the Adidas Nizza in black) to pull the whole look together at a great price. The perfect look for the changing season from the Autumn tree’s and colours to the Winter whites. And, you can carry this look right through to next Spring so enjoy the camouflage look for the next few months!


Check out some more of the pictures from this shoot for Scotts/Adidas on my Instagram at @Kenneth_Giles and Facebook at Kenneth Giles Official

Check out for all the latest Adidas Original clothing and footwear at great prices.


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