My 2016: Highs, Lows and Resolutions!

So as 2016 draws to a close tomorrow it has been possibly the most eventful year in my life from battles with health to losing precious people in my life and from new people to new career developments, this is my little review of my highs, lows and what I hope for in 2017.

The Highs

1. This Blog – It would be a little strange if I didn’t put this as one of the big highlights of my year. May 2016 saw the birth of Pop On Down and my adventure into blogging. The blog which focused mainly on music until recently has featured some amazing new artists, soundtracks and playlists to get you through each month. The most talked about music blogpost has been the ‘High Strung Soundtrack‘ which racked up over 1,000 unique views in one week! Pop On Down now features lifestyle, fashion and entertainment stories and I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Adidas, Sony Music and Channel 4 in my first 6 months blogging so I would rate this as a personal high!

2. My Business – Another year down for my first business (Eclipse Stage School) and its hard to believe it’s around 9 years already. Each year the students surprise me and I even surprise myself a little with how much we can pack into one year. From rehearsals to stage, we produced a summer showcase to a sold out theatre, various events, radio and TV appearances and had a fun time while doing it all.

3. New People – Its hard to find good friends and people who you can love and trust at the same time, especially in this business, you often ask yourself ‘are they interested in me or in what I can give them?’. Luckily this year has brought me some decent, genuine and caring people who I will keep close for a long time. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining and every time my year became a little shitty, that silver lining showed! Good people are hard to find, so when you find one, hold onto them tight and don’t let go. (#InspirationalQuote)

4. My Other Dabbles – People who know me know that I venture into different projects all the time and this year was no different. Some projects are still quite secretive and will become a little clearer in 2017 but the ones I did complete this year worked out well, thank god! From presenting and producing the 4th annual ShowChoir Ireland Final to being involved with various events and new clients throughout the year, the future is looking exciting.

The Lows

1. Skin Cancer – If you read my blog regularly, you will have read a few weeks ago about my skin cancer battle which pretty much took over my life for 6 months this year and still to an extent is. One of the scariest experiences I’ve ever gone through and something that I am praying is finished, it will always be an ongoing concern for me now but luckily I had family, friends, students and close people to help me through it and make me smile when I wanted to jump under a duvet and cry. It was definitely a low for me but it could have been a lot worse.

2. Final Farewells – One of the closest people to me in my entire life passed in August this year which hit the whole family like a tonne of bricks. My Nanny Annie (aged 91) was the strongest woman around, one of the most hard working and caring people to ever grace this earth but sadly her time was up. She will never be forgotten by any of her family and friends as she was a real matriarch in everything she done from looking after her family to her work. A fighter til the end and a pretty alright singer as well! RIP Nanny Annie. We saw over 100 celebrity deaths this year but no star shines brighter than our Annie.

3. Life Lows – I could yabber on about how life was cruel to me this year but look, we all have bad days and good days. We all have events that happen throughout the year, people we lose contact with, situations we would rather avoid but they are what makes life, LIFE! Yes, I have had a fair few life lows this year but no more than anyone else.

The Resolutions

With 2017 just a day away it’s time to look at what is ahead of me and leave the past exactly there.

For me, I’m hitting the ground running with three shows already in production for the new year including the biggest event of my career as my business celebrates 10 years since it first opened its doors and that calls for a fitting tribute look back at the best bits from the last decade with over 80 students taking to the stage in November.

My second business, ShowChoir Ireland celebrates 5 years on the exact same weekend next year so thats another big celebration there and I have also lined up a pretty cool gig for early in the new year so I’m excited about my business ventures.

I’m also pretty happy with the company I will be spending time with in 2017. My family, friends and special ones will all be living it all with me and on this crazy adventure we call life. I’m hoping to travel some more and create memories with the ones I love and cherish most.

So my resolution is just that, spend time with the special ones in my life, do things that make me happy and work hard to achieve what I want. As easy as 1,2,3….. I hope!

2016 may not have been the perfect year for me but 2017 is looking pretty good right now. Happy New Year everyone and thank you for being a part of my life and Pop On Down this year.

Kenneth x


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