About Kenneth

Hi everyone,

First things first, thank you for popping by and reading my blog where I hope to bring you the latest music, entertainment and lifestyle content each day, week, month or year depending on my mood. But in all seriousness, if my website is not updated regularly I can guarantee regular posts over on Facebook and on my Instagram (so follow me, please).

So yes, my name is Kenneth Giles and I am the creator of Pop On Down. I am primarily a creative director and choreographer having worked with various pop acts, TV shows, theatre productions and events and now I am a wannabe blogger! Ever since a young age I have been interested in music, fashion and entertainment (hence why I was a boyband member for a brief period!).

Pop On Down came about when one day I was sitting at the kitchen table having a cuppa tea as all of us Irish do trying to solve all my problems and life dilemma’s like, what I should do next. An idea which I toyed around with for a long time was blogging, would I be confident enough to do it?, would I have the time to do it?, would I be interesting?. OK, my answer may have been no to all the above but I was going to give it a shot anyway.

The blog was born and a new chapter was to begin. Thankfully to this day, I have had partnerships with Adidas, Sony Music, Scotts Menswear and Channel 4 to name a few and people seem to like my insight into the latest music, fashion and lifestyle trends as well as my own personal blogs (they can be quite deep).

I would love for you to keep coming back to my blog and getting involved by sharing and letting your friends know about the content. In the coming months I will launch various events and competitions in connection with the blog so keep it here. Also, if you know some really cool new bands/acts or maybe have a story to tell just drop me an email at popondown@gmail.com

Lastly, Pop On Down and follow all my official pages and keep up to date with the latest from myself and my blog.

Thank you,

Kenneth x

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