International Boyband Alert: Phase V

I know how much you all love a good boyband so I am bringing you a brand spanking new one in the form of Phase V.

Now just incase you start calling them Phase Vee to your friends, let’s clear it up, the V stands for Five, therefore we have Phase V(Five). The band were cleverly put together with singers¬†from the 4 corners of the globe including America, Belgium and our closest neighbours the UK or Stoke-on-Trent to be precise.

The 5 piece all met online before deciding to head to LA to pursue the dream of boyband domination and they have made quite a good crack at it so far with a debut EP, numerous live shows and a huge following with massively dedicated fans.

The band is made up of Jeremiah, Nelson, Jay, Odon and the lad from Britain, Lee. Their fanbase go by the name of Vibers and it’s pretty hard for me to check my Twitter now without seeing #Vibers somewhere on it. Could Vibers be bigger than Directioners or Beliebers some day? They definitely have the dedication and loyalty to be.

The five-some have also started posting a variety of video’s to their YouTube channel, PhaseFiveTV, including Q and A’s, daily vlogs and some pretty great covers. They have noted on their website that 2016 will be the year for global domination with new music and more travelling¬†for them. They are also very big on ‘unity’ so if you see one of them, expect to see the other 4 guys close by.

I am hoping to have an interview with the lads very soon for you all so keep an eye here for the latest Phase V Feature on PopOnDown.

In the meantime, here is their most recent and in my opinion their best cover to date.


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