One Week Blogging – What, Why, Where?

Just over a week ago I published my first blog, I stepped into the unknown and put myself into the blogging arena like so many others are nowadays, but what have I learned? I will give you a little insight into my last week, what came before and what I hope is ahead for Pop On Down and myself.

I am still a little baffled that in just one week so many people offered their help and support and so many others got behind the blog and have had a read of one of the articles whether it was to check out new music, see how good (or bad) it is or just to be supportive. From people sharing the social networking pages, the blog itself and inviting friends to check it out, I am truly grateful to them.

Obviously you will always have doubters or people who will check out your new ventures just to see them and then gossip about them but the¬†way I see it, ‘thanks a million, you gave me another view’. They may not have a clue that they are actually helping you out but they are. As the old saying goes, ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ and this is similar, every view, share and like counts.

So what are the stats after just a week? Well, unbelievably the blog has been viewed by over 700 unique visitors, coming from Ireland majoritively but also America, Australia, the U.K., Germany, Sweden and China (not bad for a little blog from a small North Dublin area). Pop On Down has also just reached over 200 followers on Twitter and 330 Facebook likes, so to say I am happy is an understatement.

I am not, in any way, thinking that this will be a worldwide blog as I am well aware of the millions of people blogging and doing it a hell of a lot better than me but I am proud of what it has achieved in just a week. It’s just about keeping it going in that direction now! :/

A number of close friends who are bloggers themselves have also helped with giving me tips and advice on it like ‘make it more personal’, ‘don’t be afraid to say something you believe’ and ‘take risks with what you write’, so here goes, a picture of me, with a caption of what I’m thinking and doing today!


So what have I learned? When I decided that I was going to launch a music blog, I knew I needed to get some people on side otherwise it would go nowhere! Luckily I had a cool group of friends and family who were more than happy to promote the hell out of it and get people looking at it. Likewise, I had a few bloggers willing to share it with their readers and support what I was doing. Therefore I have learned that there are certainly people you can rely on to always help and then on the other hand, some who do not want to see you getting that extra step on the ladder but that’s OK, you do what you feel is right in situations so don’t regret them afterwards, just go with it, you made the decision for a reason.

I’ve seen many people within my own field of work say ‘why don’t they support each other?’ and yes I agree that this is the case. Why would you not want to see someone trying to do the exact same thing as you succeed at it? Jealousy, bitterness or just down right bad attitude, whatever it is I don’t know but think how cool the world would be if everyone supported each other. In music and performing it is probably the worst, every performer trying to get ahead of the next and will do whatever it takes to get ahead ( I’ve seen enough of it in my time). Sad really but you will never change it, I’m just lucky that my group of friends and family are supportive and we encourage each other to be better (than each other at times).

What is the plan for Pop On Down? I will be keeping the blogging going and will introduce new elements to the blog as well as continuing features on music, new artists and events. There will inevitably be days were it is not as busy on the blog but I will try my best to keep you all up to date with the latest new music and what you need to know. (I know what your thinking now, ‘I only read this because he asks me to”)

Finally, thank you for being a part of the first week of Pop On Down, helping to share the blog and getting involved in it all, even though most of you did not get a choice in it. I will try take all the feedback on board and make the blogs even more exciting and entertaining.

So for now, get sharing, liking, following, tweeting, retweeting and everything else you can do on social media.

Cheers everyone,


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