Tuesday Tracklist: Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman

Looking for a brand new album to buy but unsure whether you will like it? I give you the run down of the whole album right here. This week, Ariana Grande with her UK No.1 album ‘Dangerous Woman’

  1. Moonlight‘ – Very subtle start to the album with this chilled ballad which reminds me a lot of ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ from Grease for some reason. Just me? OK then. For me, this is not a great start, bit bland but the vocals are amazing as always, hopefully this is not the blue print for the rest of the album.
  2. ‘Dangerous Woman’ – The lead single from this album and it is a flawless vocal and after listening to it a few times (when it first came out), I couldn’t stop listening to it. At first, it seemed boring but it’s a grower and now on my playlist for summer.
  3. Be Alright‘ – Ok, this is what Ariana is really about. Great uptempo pop songs with lots of light and shade in the vocal. Listen to this and I bet you will be moving to it in your chair.
  4. Into You‘ – Her brand new single is next up and this is where the album really begins. I can see straight away why it was chosen as a single, catchy from the start and instant attraction. Easy to pick up lyrics and very current. This is definitely a song that could stand up against some of her biggest hits including ‘Break Free’.
  5. Side To Side’ (feat Nicki Minaj) – Does any song Nicki Minaj features on not sound good and have commercial potential? Well this isn’t the one if that was a yes. Another really cool track with the typical Nicki rap and Barbadian vibes and beats.
  6. ‘Let Me Love You’ (feat Lil Wayne) – I will let you make up your own mind on this one, I’m not a fan of Lil Wayne.
  7. ‘Greedy’ – I’m getting an Uptown Funk/Sax vibe from this one (it’s all in). Lot’s of brass and funk in this song makes it one of my favourites on this album. Could this be the next single? I think it should be!
  8. ‘Leave Me Lonely’ (feat Macy Gray) – ¬†Where has she been? The last I heard of Macy was “I try to walk away and I choke…” (hopefully she didn’t do the latter). One of the most unique vocalists teams up with one of the power house pop vocals of this decade and they create something special. It’s strange in parts but it works.
  9. ‘Everyday’ (feat Future) – Future was an artist I hadn’t heard of but he kind of reminds me of Flo-Rida with his constant ad-libs throughout the song. Ariana is also very fond of ‘sh*t’ in this song. A bit different for her but it sits well and I couldn’t listen to the raps without thinking of Iggy Azalea (just me, grand so).
  10. ‘Sometimes’ – So we are getting to the part of the album that she didn’t know what to put here so she shoved this in. One listen is enough for this one.
  11. ‘I Don’t Care’ – Another sultry ballad alert! And some more ‘sh*t’. Similar to ‘Dangerous Woman’ it goes down the same route and I can feel myself just swaying and grooving to this. Her vocals are perfection and we cannot take that away from her.
  12. ‘Bad Decisions‘ – Back in with a stomper and we are back to the Ari that we love. Pop songs that stick in your head for hours on end. This was not a bad decision to include this on the tracklist. Good choice!
  13. ‘Touch It’ – YES! An edgy and strong song. A lot more punchy than the rest of the album and a good break from tradition for her. This song shows Ariana in a different light and it’s a bloody good one. Forget the piano’s and throw in a bit of synth, distortion and dubstep, you get this!
  14. ‘Knew Better/Forever Boy’ – So this song has two titles, why? Haven’t a clue. But they could have done without one, or just told us to skip to a minute in. The first 60 seconds are dull but it picks up so stick with it. It’s like two totally different songs moulded together….. aaaahhhhh it was two songs and they created one, hence the two titles. DUH!
  15. ‘Thinking Bout You’ – To round out the album this song finishes us off on a high. It has everything we want from a great pop track. Build, vocals, hook and a little bit of cheese.

So that is it, a whole album in 750 words. My final thoughts: A great pop album with some amazing songs and some not so but overall, definitely worth a purchase. 8/10 for me!


Review by @Kenneth_Giles

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