PREMIERE: DaDa NaDa – Je Suis Paris

Today I bring you a world premiere of a single which is very fitting for the week that is in it. Following the tragedies which unfolded last weekend in Orlando at Pulse Nightclub, this track brings us back to the anti-violence and terrorism theme which has haunted the media, seemingly all the time, for the past few months.

DaDa NaDa is the solo moniker for Robert Ozn whose synth-pop duo EBN/OZN were early-80’s pioneers of music sampling and are credited with producing the first commercially released record created on a computer in the USA, the Top 20 Billboard Dance Chart hit ‘AEIOU Sometimes Y’. DaDa NaDa broke the Billboard Top Five in 1989, with the House hit ‘Haunted House’ which according to MTV news, made him the first white House Music artist to ever chart in the USA.

A pro-peace, anti-terrorism advocate, DaDa NaDa is passionate about free speech and the rights of artists to express themselves without the threat of violence or prosecution. Inspired by the Charlie Hebdo murders, the Nov 2015 Paris terror attacks and the subsequent California tragedy this past week, he has produced his first record in 25 years: the anthem ‘Je Suis Paris!’, a rallying cry for peace to show solidarity with all victims of terror worldwide and to inspire courage in all our hearts.

Here is the song which is already stuck in my head:

The artwork for the song signifies the need for peace and love within the city that was torn apart by gun violence. The Eiffel Tower represented by a gun and creative materials showing that creativity and music can make the force against terrorism stronger.

Make sure to get behind this song, share it with friends and stand together on this.

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One thought on “PREMIERE: DaDa NaDa – Je Suis Paris

  1. Thank you Pop on Down for this wonderful song and important message! This singer is crushing it in this song. Brit Award? Grammy? .

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