Tuesday Tracklist: Fifth Harmony – 7/27 REVIEW

7/27 is the second studio album from American girl group Fifth Harmony. The 5 piece who found fame when manufactured on the US version of The X Factor, have quickly become the hottest female group around. The album has already gained the girls their first Top 10 album in the UK and Top 5 album in both Ireland and the US. Now let’s take a look at each track on the album.

  1. That’s My Girl – What a belter to start the tracklist. Instantly catchy and proving why they are the girl group of the moment. The song is high energy and full of pop undertones, we are off to a great start.
  2. Work From Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – The lead single from the record and a current chart hit. It is hard to listen to this song in it’s entirety without joining in with the ‘work, work…..’ lyrics. This single gave the girls a hit single around the world and is still riding high in the UK and Ireland charts. The song is not so helpful if you are trying to work with it on, this one does not allow you to sit easy.
  3. The Life – Another stomper of a track bringing the R’n’B vibes with this one. The perfect song for the summer beach parties in Ibiza and I am pretty sure it will be playing around the world in all the holiday resorts. A great hook about rich kids, money, the beach in Dubai and living the life, sounds pretty perfect.
  4. Write On Me – The second single to be released from the album next. Write On Me shows us a completely different side to the girls with a more laid back chilled song. Again, this song would not be out of place on any summer playlist beside the pool (the whole album actually fits into this category). This song also showcases each of the girls vocals pretty perfectly.
  5. I Lied – Kicking up a notch again with this one and it doesn’t quite match some of the earlier tracks but it has the best drop on the entire album. A drop that would be more associated with a David Guetta or Calvin Harris track fits seamlessly into their new style.
  6. All In My Head (Flex) (feat. Fetty Wap) – Starting with the cliche hand clicks and Fetty Wap rap, I thought ‘here we go’ but this could be possibly the best song on the record. Slated for release later this year it has the perfect combination of catchy lyrics, rapping ad-libs and cool vibes. Keep an eye for this later this summer I suspect.
  7. Squeeze – So when you read the title, you think that this will be a cheesy pop number but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This mellow and chilled song brings another side to the tracklist with it’s easy listening vibe.
  8. Gonna Get Better – Stripped back and laid bare vocals on this one. Starting with a vocal opening, I thought we were in for something completely fresh and uninterrupted but it does launch into the typical ‘filler’ track which is disappointing. I personally think this could be the weakest song of the record and one listen is more than enough for me. It actually reminds me of an album track from a 90’s Spice Girls album.
  9. Scared Of Happy – After a dull Number 8, we are back on track with this club banger. Keeping with the summer club vibes as they are doing so well on this album, the build and hook really work to the girls advantage with their vocals and then into the slow break of a chorus was a brave move but it works great.
  10. Not That Kinda Girl (feat. Missy Elliott) – So I have heard a lot of rumours about Missy’s return to music and that this collaboration could be HUGE, my verdict…. YES, yes it is. The combination of Missy Elliott and the five-some is genius. The song pays homage to a cooler groove reminiscent of Missy’s earlier material. This is the most fun and cool track of the album.

So that’s a wrap as they say in the business, overall a good album with some absolute belters and some not so. It definitely shows a huge development from their first album and their ‘journey’ from the X Factor stage. Quality vocals and great production make for this summer stomper of a record.

I’ll give it a 8.5/10, definitely worth another listen, check it out and get the album now on iTunes and in all digital retailers.


Review by @Kenneth_Giles

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