#TT: Crazy Frog Strikes AGAIN!

Cast your mind back 11 years …….. can you remember what you were doing?

Your struggling to remember anything about 2005 but there was one thing for sure, you were pestered by pond life. Yes, on this day 11 years ago The Crazy Frog was sitting at No.1 in the UK singles chart. Spending a whole month at the top spot this was not the first we had heard of the little creature.

What started out as a polyphonic ringtone (remember them?) became the most annoying sound EVER after a while. It is the most profitable ringtone in the history of mobile phones, although no one buys ringtones anymore but it’s still a great achievement for a cartoon frog. Once every child and teen had the sound downloaded to their phone (me included on my flip Motorola, they were the iPhone of the time) the creators saw money signs with a single release.

The single became one of the biggest selling of the year and topped charts around the world, however when the creators got greedy releasing further singles including a cover of Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’, no one wanted to know and the Crazy Frog flopped.

But let’s all be grateful, we had a fun childhood and great ringtone because of this guy. Here is the most annoying guilty pleasure EVER:


By @Kenneth_Giles

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