REVIEW : Adele at Glastonbury

She has more records than you can shake a stick at including the biggest selling UK album of all time for her latest record ’25’ as well as signing the most lucrative recording contract ever and last night Adele completed one of the biggest gigs in her career, Glastonbury.

In what was called a “silly move” by a lot of people last year when the news was announced she would headline Saturday night at the biggest music festival in the world, turned out to be one of the greatest headline acts ever in my opinion.

Twitter went into meltdown last night when she took to the stage and she is still trending today after an incredible set which included all her biggest hits as well as songs from her previous albums. Opening with the now iconic ‘Hello’, Adele seemed to get a bit teary when the crowd sang the lyrics back to her but she carried on like a pro to belt out the song.

Once she eased into the set after letting the crowd know that she was “shitting it”, it was knock out performance, one right after the other. But she did hit a stumbling block on a track from her new album. After finishing her latest single ‘Send My Love’, she launched straight into ‘River Lea’ and as she hit the first verse asked to start again as she was out of breath from all that dancing. She restarted and smashed it!

Another odd moment during the show came when her production manager came on stage and made an announcement that the crowd of almost 100,000 people needed to make a walk way for the security and paramedics to get into the middle of the crowd as someone at the gig was in a bad way. Adele stopped the whole gig and guided the security into the crowd, not many worldwide stars would do that, she is a down to earth, normal girl.

So with the drama out of the way she could deliver every Classic in her repertoire including Bob Dylan’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’, ‘Hometown Glory’ and ‘Set Fire To The Rain’.

People said she couldn’t deliver a “show” but she proved she can entertain and capture an audience with her voice and music. Making her way to a stage in the middle of the crowd, she belted out ‘Rolling In The Deep’ with the thousands of fans accompanying her on vocals and the added effect of a million pieces of white confetti.

Over 90 minutes on stage and she did not let up once (well apart from her messing up one song but we can forgive that). Her banter and chit-chat with the fans made it even more compelling to watch and she even brought a young 10 year old girl on stage for a selfie and then a 26 year old Brazilian girl who was so shocked she forgot her name and what she was doing there, Adele tried her best but in the end she got a selfie and Adele booted her off stage!

The song everyone was waiting for was the perfect ending to a special night for the superstar and the fans. ‘Someone Like You’, the biggest selling song of this century. Adele was overcome with emotion as she announced that it was for everyone in the crowd and how she loved being a part of the Glastonbury experience, “one I’ll never forget” before leaving the stage as the entire campsite sang the chorus on repeat.

Adele may not have been the conventional or typical headliner for Glastonbury but from watching the festival for a number of years now, she stands up there with the big ones like Beyoncé and Coldplay. Let’s get Adele to Croke Park I say!


Review by @Kenneth_Giles

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