Nelly Is Back And It’s Hot In Here

Yes, the guy with the plaster on his face for no apparent reason has resurfaced, minus the plaster (band aid for you Americans).

Nelly features on the brand new single from DJ trio Cash Cash and it is an infectious summer hit in the making. The ‘Hot In Here’ star has added his RnB vibes to ‘Millionaire’ which is the first single off Cash Cash’s new album ‘Blood, Sweat and 3 Years’.

If you are one of the people reading this saying “who the hell is Nelly?”, trust me, go check out his older material on YouTube. He was the equivalent to, actually no there is no equivalent. He gave us some of the best music of the early 00’s including a collaboration with Justin Timberlakes boyband at the time N*Sync as well as the song that defined teenage discos for months when he gave us ‘Dilemma’ with Beyonce’s best mate Kelly Rowland.

Here is the newest song featuring the man himself, ‘Millionaire’ by Cash Cash and Digital Farm Animals.

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