Orlando: One Month On – All Stars Lend Their ‘Hands’

On the 12th June this year the biggest mass shooting took hold of the United States when a gunman entered Pulse Nightclub in Orlando and shot 49 people dead and injured many more. One month on from the tragedy numerous musicians and entertainers are offering their support to the victims.

In what seemed to be an attack on the LGBT community at the time and some still say it was, the gunman pledged his allegiance to ISIS before he was shot dead after a 3-hour standoff with Orlando police. It has also been reported that it could have been a hate crime against Hispanic people as the gay nightclub held a Latin Night on this specific date. Will the real truth ever be known? Either way it was a massive tragedy and one that has promoted talks about gun laws and hate crime in the US.

Tributes have started throughout the world in a variety of ways from Broadway to chart toppers releasing new music in the victims honour. ‘Hands’ is a brand new song produced by Mark Ronson and featuring some of the biggest stars in the world including Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Meghan Trainor, Pink, Ru Paul and Empire’s Jussie Smollett. Interscope Records has released the single with all proceeds going to 3 charities.

Also in support of the victims, pop superstar and The Voice US coach Christina Aguilera has released new single ‘Change’ with all proceeds for the next 3 months going towards the National Compassion Fund.

The song, similar to her hit ‘Beautiful’, is a very personal and in some ways biographical song asking for change in the country that allows people to carry guns freely and buy them in local shops without hesitation.

Download the song now at iTunes and other digital platforms.

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