The Movie Song Returns!

Do you remember the Eurovision selection for Ireland a few years back when Linda Martin and Billy McGuinness of Aslan went at it? If you do, then you will remember this song.

Originally penned for X Factor contestant Eoghan Quigg, The Movie Song has just got a revamp and is being re-released by 21 year old singer/songwriter Karl Daly. Karl has been living in Portugal and performing on the resort circuit for many years and after hearing The Movie Song a few years ago, he knew he wanted to sing it.

The singer contacted songwriter of the song, Karl Broderick, and ask could he use the song, two years later he isn’t only singing it but it has its own video shot in the Algarve and release on iTunes and other digital platforms (now that’s groovy!)

Songwriter Karl Broderick who is the husband of TV3 presenter Alan Hughes has a string of hit’s under his belt with acts including Olly Murs as well as other Eurovision Ireland single ‘LOVE’ from many moons ago which featured the vocals of Donna and Joe McCaul as well as 4 Irish backing dancers (one of which was my cousin!). Broderick has more songwriting pursuits lined up planned work with writers whom have worked with Beyonce and The Pussycat Dolls.

The song is a catchy pop song with a cool hook and lyrics which are instantly stuck in your head. The song reached the Top 10 for Eoghan Quigg a few years ago, could it go one better and make it to No.1?

Check out the groovy video for Karl Daly’s Movie Song below now and get it on iTunes:

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