9 YEARS – It’s My Birthday (Kind of)

So today marks something pretty special for me. It’s my babies birthday!

Ok so before you all ask WHAT?, no I do not have a secret child. My baby is my business! 9 years ago today was the very first outing for Eclipse Stage School. It’s still quite surreal to say I have a business that has been around that long, but it has been, crazy!

At 17, I finished school with a pretty OK Leaving Cert and attempted not one, not two but three different colleges all in the space of a week, now that is impressive. You have probably guessed it but college was not for me, I had just had 5 years in secondary school and I did not want to go back to a classroom again.

So when I looked at what I could possibly do with my time or where I could go career wise, the only thing that jumped out at me was ‘performing’, the only thing I knew how to do and at this time I had done some minor work with boy bands and girl groups so I knew I could hack it.

I set out to create something very different to what was currently around in a stage school, something a bit more cool, youthful and not too strict (I was 17 remember, a baby!). Flyers went everywhere possible around North Dublin, every letterbox in my area got one and people seemed to like the idea.

The first night, 19th October 2007, was nerve wracking, not knowing if one person would show up but thankfully there was about 20 students on the first night and it went great with High School Musical being the in thing at that time, everyone wanted to be Troy or Gabriella.

I could never of guessed that what started so small 9 years ago would become what it is today and what every student has achieved from performing in Croke Park Stadium to Christmas Toy Show appearances and from backing dancers on the Irish tour of Glee to our very own 13 theatre productions to date. Not to mention our award wins including Best Stage School and Dance Group Of The Year.

Away from the stage school, I have been so grateful to be involved with some of the biggest productions and events not only in Ireland but across the world including New York, Canada and the U.K. from radio to TV and theatre to festivals. Let’s hope the next 9 are just as kind.

This is the real start of the countdown to our biggest celebrations yet in 2017 when we reach the big 10 with a massive theatre show like no other and plenty more surprises along the way 😉

Thank you to everyone who has made Eclipse what it is over the past 9 years, it is down to you all the success we have achieved. Ok, enough of the soppiness!

Back in gear for the 4th annual ShowChoir Ireland Championships in 2 weeks time which we will perform at and I will host and we will keep working away on Ten Years On which takes place in November 2017.

Check out some of the Eclipse highlights at http://Www.youtube.com/user/eclipsestageschool

And at our new website www.EclipseEntertainmentIreland.com


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