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Cancer affects every family in Ireland and the world at some point in time and after a brush with the condition myself last year at the age of 26, I decided to dedicate a special project to helping others in need to coincide with the 10th anniversary of my business in 2017.

A rare form of skin cancer developed under my eye twice in the space of one year which doctors said is usually only seen in people of age 50+. Sun protection and health within day to day life needs to be at the centre of attention among young people and old in Ireland as over 50% of young people are now using sun beds, tanning injections or over exposing themselves to sun rays whilst on holidays without knowing the true effects it can have on the body and skin.

I Lived‘ is a song, written by American hit band One Republic, which focuses on living every moment of life and being able to say you have done it all. The 80 children and teens involved in the recording come from locations all over Dublin and have been a part of Eclipse Stage School for ten years. The song marks a poignant step for the group as it not only creates another milestone for the performance group but also helps the Irish Cancer Society as well.

The Kilbarrack (North Dublin) based group have recently launched the single at the Aviva Stadium performing at the annual Cancer Conference and in the past number of years picked up awards for Best Stage School in Ireland, Dance Group of the Year and have performed at many venues including the RDS, Croke Park Stadium and the O’Reilly Theatre, Belvedere College were they will hold their 10th birthday show on November 3rd, tickets available now at .

The single will be released for download and streaming from today on all digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play as well as the music video on YouTube. We hope that you can support the charity and our efforts to raise awareness of this condition among every generation from kids to the elderly, no one is immune from cancer.

Download the song now at:

iTunes, Amazon, Google and 70 other digital stores, just search Eclipse Stage School – I Lived

Listen to the song here: Spotify 

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